Property Management

Condyne Property Management provides comprehensive property management services for commercial, office, and industrial clients throughout New England. It leverages the experience of the organization’s principals dating back to Condyne Freezers and their public cold storage business. Together, the firm’s management has over 25 years of relevant experience in a diverse collection of properties. Condyne manages over 3 million square-feet and more than 50 tenants for its institutional clients.


Condyne’s focus on expense management and outstanding tenant service ensures client investments are protected and continue to increase in value over the long-term. The firm maintains and enhances its properties on a regular basis which in turn maximizes profitability for clients. Condyne is responsible for preventative maintenance, and manages complex construction projects in an efficient manner to increase the value of the asset. The firm’s management has established strong relationships with proven contractors and service providers, and it has a full staff of on-site personnel to address tenant requests and concerns.

Condyne’s experienced accountants provide detailed monthly reporting packages to clients that outline the financial activity of the property including budget variance reports, delinquency tracking, and payment updates. The firm utilizes a state-of-the-art accounting software that supplies a greater level of detail of income and expenses. The accountants also assist client-hired Certified Public Accounting firms with audit and tax return preparation.


Condyne’s team of professionals is committed to providing excellent client and tenant service; creating a solid foundation for long-term client relationships. The firm welcomes the opportunity to provide prospective clients with its property management services.


Building Operations and Maintenance

  • On-site management staff
  • Monthly property inspections
  • Quarterly mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire safety inspections
  • Project management services
  • Due diligence reporting

Contract Management and Lease Administration

  • Qualify bid proposals for scheduled maintenance services
  • Establish service contracts with proven vendors
  • Provide superior tenant service
  • Lease compliance/ Tenant tracking renewals and rent increases
  • Lease renewal negotiations

Energy Management Solutions

  • Identify energy reduction opportunities
  • Implement energy management programs
  • Initiate recycling opportunities

Property Accounting and Financial Reporting

  • Annual operating budget preparation
  • Detailed monthly financial reports
  • Profit and loss variance reporting
  • Collection services for delinquencies
  • Assistance with audit and tax return preparation
  • Real estate tax abatement services